Know more about blood donation and know how you can help people.

Who is a healthy donor? (Weight, age, haemoglobin)

Ages between 18 & 65 years, Minimum body weight of 45kgs, minimum haemoglobin content of 12.5 gm%.

Can we donate blood before 18?

It is illegal to donate blood before turning 18 years old.

How often is one eligible to donate blood?

One is eligible to donate blood every 3 months.

Am I eligible to donate if I have high Blood Pressure, Diabetes or Thyroid?

a. If you take medications for high BP, you can donate blood if you don’t take your medicine for that day, and the doctor at the donation center approves after checking your vitals.
b. If you are on insulin for diabetes, you are not eligible to donate blood, however, if you are on other diabetes medication, you may donate blood if you haven’t taken your medication for that day and the doctor at the donation center approves.
c. You are not eligible to donate blood if you have Thyroid, however, if the case is mild and medication is of low power then you might be able to after consulting your doctor.

What excludes one from donating blood?

People that suffer from Abnormal Bleeding, Tuberculosis, Leprosy, Cancer, Asthma or Epilepsy cannot donate blood. People that have had Heart Surgery or Kidney Surgery cannot donate blood either. This is not an exhaustive list, just the most common ones.

How many days after recovering from an illness can I donate blood?


How long after being on antibiotics, taking aspirin or a tetanus shot can I donate blood?

Antibiotics – 72 hours Aspirin – 72 hours Tetanus – 7 days

How long after getting a tattoo or a piercing can I donate blood?

Tattoo & Piercing – 1 year